Replica Shirts Replica Shirts September 1900 unknown manufacturer This is the first shirt to be worn by a team called West Ham United, after the Thames iron Works as we were known, changed Chairman and name, it was worn vs Gravesend in the Southern league, West Ham won 7-0, Billy Grassem, inside foreward scored 4 goals. 8844160 1901/02 away unknown manufacturer West Ham finished 4th in the southern league 8844181 1900's unknown manufacturer maybe our first claret and blue shirt 8579502 1920's and 1930's unknown manufacturer 1920's and 1930's West Ham sometimes wore claret sleeves.. but just for a few games during the season 8844174 1905/06 home unknown manufacturer All blue Cuffs at the end of the sleeve 8844173 1950/55 unknown manufacturer thought to be made by a local East End end company called "litesome" 8579503 1923 unknown manufacturer Used in the 1923 FA Cup at Wembley, Bolton won in front of 200,000 people, slighty different badge that day, same shirt 8844175 1924/25 away unknown manufacturer 1954/25 away 8844176 1955/60 unknown manufacturer Malcolm Allison is legendary for changing our old "sack" textured and heavy shirts to cotton light weight shirts used by European teams 8579504 1958 away unknown manufacturer used rarely in promotion winning season 8579473 1960's -1970's Home Bukta this shirt was used with both shield and square shaped badges 8844170 Classic 60's and 1970's home and away Bukta Classic Bobby Moore shirts 8844158 1974/76 away rsenal and another 2 goals in the semi vs ipswich.. used with Red Numbers 8844169 1970's home 1970's home, made by Umbro, back in the days, any shirt manufacturer could produce and sell replica shirts 8579472 1976/80 Admiral, classic West Ham shirt designs 1976/80 home and away shirts made by Admiral, these shirts were first used in the ECWC Final in Brussles, slightl modified for the season, as the badge was moved from the middle of the shirt to the "normal" left side, and the Admiral logo was noved from the collars to the "normal" right hand side 8579475 1980/83 home and away a classic West Ham shirt Adidas 1980/83 home and away, and our fist shirt to be made of polyester, and first Adidas Shirt 8844178 1983/85 home and away Adidas 1983/85 home and away made by Adidas 8844177 1985/87 home Adidas 1985/87 home with and without sponsor 8579477 1985/87 away Adidas with and without the sponsor 8855057 1987/89 home and away Scoreline 1987/89 home and away madf by Scoreline, sadly we were relegated in these terrible shirts 8579478 1989/90 home and away Bukta 1989/90 home and away, made by Bukta, used during our first season in Div.2 8579507 1990/91 home and away Bukta these were the same as the previous seasons shirt, except Bukta changed there logo fom a ball/globe on top of two arrows to th e word "Bukta" in a warmer logo 8579508 1991/92 home, away and third shirts Bukta 1991/92 home, away and third shirts made bu Bukta or first season promoted.. we went straight back down in these shirts 8579501 1992/93 home and away Bukta 1992/93 home and away, same as previous seasons, but with BAC Windows being replaced by Dagenham Motors as shirt sponsor.. we went straight back up in these shirts 8579500 1995/97 home and away shirts these were in celebration of our 100 year centenary celebrations Pony blua away was worn during 1995/96 saeson and "Ecru" was worn during 1996/97 8802108 1993/35 home and away made by Pony blue away was worn in 1993/94 and white was worn during 194/95 8802109 1997/98 home and away made by Pony thes shirts were used for a whole season without a sponsor, even though there was many rumours and promises from the club that we would get a sponsor 8579480 1998/99 home and away and 3rd Pony same as 1997/98 but these had a new Dr Martins shirt sponsor made by PONY 8802093 1999/01 home and away Fila our 1st FILA shirts, white awy was worn during 1999/00 and dark blue was worn during 2000/01 8802110 2001/03 home and away Fila sky blue was 2001/02 away and white was 2002/03 away 8800680 2003/05 home and away Reebok dark blue was 2003/04 light dark blue was 2004/05 away 8800700 2005/07 home and away Reebok white was 2005/06 away blue was 2006/07 away 8800698 2007/08 home and 2007/08 away Umbro the away shirt will be kept as used as a third shirt for the 2008/09 season our very first shirts made by british based Umbro strangly enough? 8800679